Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to designing a program for our clients, we listen and then create a customized plan that will help our clients attain the financial independence they envision.

Clients enlist our help with financial planning because of the complexity in:

    • Establishing, prioritizing, and making plans to achieve life goals
    • Pursuing financial security that can withstand the unexpected or undesirable
    • Transitioning from one phase of life to another
    • Coordinating the advice from all of their financial professionals

Individuals and families approach us for our advice on a variety of financial planning topics:

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is at the forefront of nearly all of our minds, and we know that the transition can seem overwhelming at times. The information arriving by mail, dispersed from our employers, or available on the internet can be confusing and intimidating. Our financial planners can help make sense of it all by analyzing each client’s family income sources, including company-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, taxable savings and investment accounts, Social Security, and more.

We also help formulate lifetime income strategies aimed at maximizing benefits from employer-sponsored plans and Social Security as well. Additionally, we will include Medicare planning in our analysis. If need be, we can also provide you with quotes on supplemental plans and help connect you to the right insurance company and plan.

Tax Savings Strategies

Many times it’s not until tax season that we consider the impact of the financial decisions we made or neglected to make. Our financial planners will strive to help each client make decisions that minimize the impact of federal, state, and local taxation throughout the year. We can help review our clients’ tax returns and investment strategies to ensure that they are not leaving any money on the table. In addition, if clients need to partner with a qualified tax professional, it is our pleasure to help make that introduction.

Education Savings Planning

Young adults have long faced a tough job market, but if the latest recession taught us anything, it is that college graduates did not lose nearly as much ground as their less-educated peers. We will consider each family’s unique budget and education savings goals, and then develop strategies to help plan for and fund this important goal. Our solutions will be client specific and take into account gifting and estate tax ramifications as well.

Transition Planning

Sometimes life happens as we expect, and other times it throws us curve balls. No matter what fast pitch is thrown your way, we will be your coach behind the plate to help you hit a home run. Our clients seek our guidance during many life events, including marriage, divorce, birth of a child, new careers, job changes, retirement, senior living, disability, and death. We will help to establish or amend financial plans that will bend, not break, when life happens.

Special Needs Planning

Families with special needs children face unique challenges as they embark on their financial planning journey. They have to consider important factors such as the possibility of higher medical expenditures, tailored education planning, and longer-term living expenses, as well as planning for the unknowns in life. An integrated long-term financial plan is crucial in helping families achieve the financial future they envision for both themselves and their child. Our financial planners take time to understand each client’s unique goals, and then offer suggestions that are designed to take advantage of the many resources available to special needs families. If a Special Needs Trust is recommended to protect your loved one’s inherited assets while still qualifying for government assistance, we can refer you to an experienced estate-planning attorney who can further guide you in the creation of that trust. Tax and legal advice is not provided. Please consult with a qualified tax/legal advisor regarding your specific situation.