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Castles and Moats Series

July/August/September 2020 Issue on What to do financially in the new normal with your life, Page 52

April/May/June 2020 Issue on What is the SECURE Act, Page 64

January/February/March 2020 Issue on Planning strategies for the new decade, Page 44

October/November/December 2019 Issue on Year-End Planning Tips, Page 58

July/August/September 2019 Issue on Income strategies for people nearing retirement, Page 52

April/May/June 2019 Issue on Things to consider when planning for retirement, Page 64

January/February/March 2019 Issue on How to Navigate Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment, Page 64

October/November/December 2018 Issue on Collections, Page 58

April/May/June 2018 Issue on Market Volatility, Page 38

January, February, March 2018 Issue on Retirement Planning, Page 42

October/November/December 2017 Issue on How To Protect Your Credit & Identity, Page 44

July/August/September 2017 Issue on Summertime Financial, Page 42

April/May/June 2017 Issue on General Financial Planning Strategies, Page 44

January/February/March 2017 Issue on Money Sense, Page 48

October/November/December 2016 Issue on Year End & Holiday Financial Planning Strategies, Page 50

July/August/September 2016 Issue on Summer Financial Planning Strategies, Page 38

April/May/June 2016 Issue on Setting Financial Planning Goals, Page 37

January/February/March 2016 Issue on 5 Year-End Financial Planning Strategies, Page 36

November/December 2015 Issue on The Best Way To Handle A Volatile Stock Market, Page 46

September/October 2015 Issue on Savings and Growth, Page 42

July/August 2015 Issue on Junk Drawer Financial Planning, Page 42

May/June 2015 Issue on Wealth Coordination, Page 40

March/April 2015 Issue on Tax Shelters, Page 40

January/February 2015 Issue on Real Estate, Page 36

December 2014 Issue on Collectibles, Page 40

October 2014 Issue on Stocks, Page 40

July/August/September 2014 Issue on Tax Deductible Strategies, Page 38

June 2014 Issue on Tax Free Strategies for Savings & Investing, Page 36

May 2014 Issue on Tax Deferred Retirement Strategies, Page 65

April 2014 Issue on Savings 2, Page 71

March 2014 Issue on Savings 1, Page 75

February 2014 Issue on Insurance Protection, Page 77

January 2014 Issue on Life Insurance, Page 81

December 2013 Issue on Ownership Strategies, Page 71

November 2013 Issue on Wills and Trusts, Page 79

October 2013 Issue on Social Security, Page 70

September 2013 Issue on Disability and Medical Insurance, Page 78

July/August 2013 Issue on Auto, Homeowners, and Liability Insurance, Page 90

June 2013 Issue on Castles and Moats framework, Page 82

May 2013 Issue “Is it Better to Inherit Assets or Receive them as a Gift?” page 86

April 2013 Issue “How to Lose 50% in a Single Day” page 95

March 2013 Issue “Riding the Financial Waves” page 86